How a Dedicated Server Can Help Your Business


If you are starting a website to promote your company, it is important to realize that a dedicated server can help your business.  You will soon realize that it is imperative to differentiate yourself from your competitors so you can gain any kind of edge possible.  And it is a dedicated server that can help you do just that by giving you more control and efficiency when it comes to configuring your system and managing your server.

Security and Control

One of the first main issues that a dedicated server takes care of is security.  If you are in a regulated industry and are charged with maintaining the privacy of customer’s data and information, you absolutely cannot share a server with another company.  This is because you cannot allow for the possibility that one of these other companies might be able to access your server’s data and customer information.

As a means of maintaining this security, you will be able to install the highest level of security available to you.  Not only will your data be secured, but also your applications and your customer database. One aspect that makes this so appealing for business owners is that you will have total control over your site, without having to bend to the needs of other businesses on your shared server or the configurations of your web hosting service.

Monetary Investments

One drawback of the dedicated server model has been the expense of owning your own server.  However, there is another way to think about it: if you have a dedicated server, you will pay a flat upfront fee and then leave later repairs to the discretion of your web hosting service.  In this way, a dedicated server can help your business by controlling costs. You control what goes onto the server, but you leave the actual maintenance of the system to your hosting service.

Some hosting providers also provide Managed Hosting services that you can take advantage of. Their Managed Hosting team will help you set-up the server to your requirements and in many cases will also be able to do help with regular maintenance and updates.

No Shared Resources

With a shared server, you constantly have to share the resources of that server.  For instance, if one of the websites on the shared server needs more bandwidth, it pulls that from all of the shared bandwidth.  Ultimately, this means a slow down in your website. If you follow the old standard of Murphy’s Law, this means that you will probably lose your bandwidth just at the time you need it the most.  With a dedicated server, you will have a set amount of resources that you will have all to yourself, and no one will be able to take those away from you.

Overloaded Servers

With a shared server, you are setting yourself up to have numerous problems with your system becoming overloaded.  What does this mean to your business specifically? Well, imagine that you are a customer seeking out the product or service offered by your company.  You visit the website only to find that it is down because of shared resource problems.

Or, the website could be up and running, but doing so at such a slow pace that it takes forever for the landing page to load.  This will lead the customer to give up. And where will that customer go? That’s right, straight to your competitors that you are trying to outmaneuver with a top-notch website.  What is worse, if the website is repeatedly underperforming, your customers may never even get to the website. Search engines will downgrade your site if it has repeated issues and it may not be found on the first page of a search.

The bottom line is that a dedicated server can help your business.  If you are looking to get an advantage over your competitors, then having a web server all to yourself is the way to go.

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